Thursday, July 5, 2007


I hope everyone had a safe & spectacular 4th of July! I don’t know why, but the 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Lots of fireworks, beautiful summer weather, and of course honoring the good `ole US of A. My day was surely spent in the sun with lots of friends and festivities that cured any negativity for the day. You can’t forget to end the day with a bang and spectacle of fireworks either. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th.


i found love =x

Klutch ThiS

My Main Guy Dj Klutch Dropped his new Mix cd a couple days ago. He Usually makes 2cd's a year (summer and winter. Silly me I haven't been bloggin it up that much so I didn't give you guys the first scoop on this bangin mix tape. With that being said, I've listened through this whole thing and I think it's going to be a huge hit where ever it's sent off too. I Abbbbsoooollluuttllyy Love this guy to death <3 check it out and hit up his myspace and tell him what you think.

DOWNLOADDD IT >><<<>><<>><<
Dj Klutch's Mix tape
Track Listings;

1.Fat man scoop intro
2.Dj Klutch P.S.A. Intro Pt 1
3.Dj Klutch Is Hot Intro Pt 2
4.Oasis - Champagne Supernova (Dj Klutch Blend)
5.Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Dj Klutch Blend)
6.Bloc Party - Helicopter
7.Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around (Dj Klutch Mash)
8.Gym Class Heros - Cupids Chokehold (Dj Klutch Blend)
9.Beatles - Come Together (Dj Klutch Mashup)
10.Mr Big -Next To Be With You (Dj Klutch Mashup)
11.Lil Wayne - Shooters (Dj Klutch 1 Verse Mix)
12.Big Dennis Interlude
13.Swizz Beats - Its Me Bitches (Dj Klutch 2 Verse Blend)
14.Swizz Beats - Money In The Bank
15. Eve - Tamborine
16.Big Dennis Interlude
17. Method Man - M.E.T.H.O.D. Man (Dj Klutch Staten Mix)
18.Violent Femms - Blister In The Sun
19.Jackson 5 - Want You Back (Dj Klutch Nu Shooz Blend)
20.Gwen Stefani - Holla Back Girl (Dj Klutch Re Edit)
21.Aretha Franklin - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Klutch Re Edit)
22.E 40 - Ghost Riding (Dj Klutch Quick Hit Edit)
23.Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Dj Klutch Nirvana Mix)
25.Stevie B - If You Leave Me Now (Dj Klutch Blend)
26.Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me (Klutch One Verse Edit)
27.Maroon 5 Feat T.I. - Makes Me Wonder (Dj Klutch Blend)
28.Big Dennis Interlude
29.Kenna Feat Diddy - Out Of Control (Dj Klutch Mix)
30.Big Dennis Interlude
31.Kat Deluna Feat Elephant Man - Wine Up (Dj Klutch Mix)
32.Fat Man Scoop Dj Klutch Chant
33.Armand Van Helden - Dirty
34.Scottie B - Work It (Bmore Mix)
35.Kanye West - Stronger (Dj Klutch Transition Mix)
36.T.I. - Big Shit Poppin (Dj Klutch Scottie B Quick Hitter)
37.Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Bmore Mix)
38.Bird Peterson - These Are The Breaks
39.Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girl (Dj Klutch Got Super Lazy Throw Together Mix

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place?

You know that old saying, “Stuck between a rock and a hard place?” Well, I never got the full effect of the meaning up until recently. If you understand that in the slightest… Well, you’re still probably two steps ahead of me, but I’m really trying to figure things out and it doesn’t seem to be in my favor in any sort of way at any time or place. I’m trying to keep my head above water as much as possible while keeping the spirits high, but there are so many things teaching me one thing after another and about something other and blah, blah, blah. My ramblings don’t make much sense right now, but neither do most things going on around me lately. I guess it sort of fits.

Although things haven’t been looking upward for me, they could be worse. I recently had a chance to sit down and have a conversation with someone temporarily home from Iraq. Just thinking about the conversation makes me feel like a worthless and ungrateful twit due to my last paragraph. I really wish so many could meet someone as incredible as the man I met and really re-evaluate a lot of their perspectives on many things. Never before in my life had a felt such compassion towards one person that it made me want to burst into tears for them. If you want to know what true heartbreak is, it’s in the voice of someone who has dealt with the loss of a friends or family member right before their very eyes in a war. I can’t imagine a feeling much worse. — I won’t go into the politics of such matters and emotions, but to hear the perspective and opinion of someone who is being put under attack on almost a daily basis away from everything they love… Well, it weighs heavy on the mind and heart.

Things will look up eventually. For me, that is… Been through worse.


thanks To Remix land I found this Rihanna "don't stop the music" & I think it's more of a NYC club banger but I liked the mix.

Rihanna- Dont Stop The Music(wideboys Remix)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Van she has been remixing the shit outtaaa some traxxxx i'll posttt some laterrr

bye biaaas

sigggning off

Friday, June 15, 2007

Nothin New

Nothin new down here. My hair smells like perm and my house is a Huge mess, So i'll probally stick in today and clean up after I get back from my photoshoot. Slept really well last night for the first time in like 2 weeks.

damn Mtv2 is gettin gayer by the second.

Anyway i'll post up some tracks later

Wish me luck on the shoot =]


Thursday, June 14, 2007


So basically when someone says to you "YOOOO ASHTON POOL PARTY DOWN THE STREET BRING YOUR JAGER AND PATRON" is that the part where I'm supposed to say no and stay in? Because last night was a rioooootttt. I've never been so drunk in my life. 8 shots of jager ( that i can remember ) 2 cups of jack & coke and some off the wall Wild turkey. Sooo we are allll partyin' at this appartment complex, my OBER dumb ass decided to get into the HOT TUB. Made shit 10x worse. So i'm going up to my friends appartment ( which is on the 3rd floor, lots of stairs) It literally took me 20 mintues to get up that baby. I don't remember half the shit i did when i got home. I wake up with 10 IM'S on my sidekick and text messages and I look out the call log, I had ONE outgoing call, which i could've called ANYONE else but him.. Well anyway, couple nights ago I went out and met up with my guyyyyy FASH, and he ended up teaching me how to spin. (i'll post the pictures when i find the club website). Don't worry it's not like i'm going to go buy some turn tables now, haahahaha. Anyhow I do have some tracks for this page. I don't know how old these are put my guy in NY is gonna be spinnin them tonight at myst. =D
PS: thank you to everyone who called to see if i was ok last night x3.

UFO (Van She Tech Remix)- S.S.S
Murder Murdoch-Promoe I have this Vynl, it's good.
smdvsd.dre-forgot about:tits rework
Da Funk-Daft Punk(Thunderous Olympian's This Funk Is Broken Edit)
Fancy Foot Work-Chromeo Edit
Pictures(Tonite Only Remix)- S.S.S

Rubber ducky signinnn offf ;]

madd photo shoots today

PS I added this link on my website too so if you guys want some of these songs in my vids don't be afraid to e-mail me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hopefully you guys caught Steve Oki, Them jeans & DJ Dan-O last night at Cinespace. Peanut butter wolf was the Guest DJ on the sets.

&& for all you Cats down in NYC catch live performances by

Dj Steve Aoki
The Misshapes